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My name is Pete Harring aka Pete the Carpenter, Are you like me, just totally fed up with the taking apart of our nation, unbelievable incompetence and purposeful betrayal by the so-called leadership in America, and the total disregard for our Constitution? I mean are you mad as hell, ready to make a meaningful difference, do whatever it takes to put “boots on the ground? Hundreds of Thousands fellow Patriots have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedoms. Are we willing to sit back and let there sacrifice be in vain? I for one would rather cut off my right arm than live under tyranny and give up my liberty’s! I know that many of you feel the same way. It’s up to you! Will you join this fight? Will you join a committee? Or will you simply sit on your comfy couch with your remote in hand complaining day in and out about the government? The time for us to make a difference is here.

Stand up for America the land that we love! I am truly concerned for the future of our Country and fear that with the most left-wing President in office, together with hard-core liberals like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the such are putting this Nation on a one way ticket to Socialism. So please take a good look at our leadership, look into their voting records and show your support to the person who best represents the values and visions of our forefathers. Do some research,look for the TRUTH and remember get involved, VOTE!!!!!!!, Local, State and Federal. Voice your concerns with the politicians that represent you. They work for us!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE. Live in the American spirit in which you want this country to remain. Honest, responsible, understanding, holding true to the Founding Fathers and the documents they created for US. Be pro-active, not re-active. Given all that has recently happened, I’m sure EACH of you know that our Country is in trouble. I believe that all patriotic Americans want to do something to help get our Nation back on track, but many don’t know exactly WHAT to do. Here on Maine Refounders our goal is to give concerned citizens both a forum for ideas and a easy practical way to get involved.

Check out the Home page every time you log on for legislation alerts, letter campaigns, Public Hearings, etc… – Look up your local republican county committee as well as other party committee’s if you are not involved yet, get involved. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how many people are fed up and ready to engage. – Each town in your county can have a town republican committee…your county committee chair will have that info. Contact and attend their meetings to promote action through this site. Contact the Chair, request to be on the agenda… It is our intention to create a grassroots group of Americans. A platform to unite around a common goal of stopping the socialistic liberal agenda. We are also here to seek out and support individuals with True Conservative, Constitutional Values. If done properly, we will create the foundation and structure to rebuild and restore constitutional leadership to our society.

We are fighting to preserve our Constitution, Country and hold true to the visions of our founding fathers. We have a big task before us, so let’s make it as easy as possible to coordinate our efforts by joining up with your County Group. By doing so, The County Leader can communicate easily with his/her members when outlining an action plan. I believe this group will allow us to share and coordinate internal and external resources like attorneys, public relations experts, marketing professionals, construction workers, soccer moms, etc…. In effect, everyone can use their unique talents, abilities and skills for the benefit of our cause.. So again, please be active, go to the Help Wanted tab, Get involved and donate to Maine Refounders. Thank you, Pete Harring (aka Pete the Carpenter)

3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Captain Kate says:

    Hi Pete, I am impressed with your positions. Would you be willing to meet with a friend of mine who is thinking of running against Chellie Pingree? His name is Mark Gartley, he is a former Sec. of State and a fiscal conservative. His positions line up very well with the Tea Party. Mark is an impressive person. He is 66 years young – a former Vietnam POW (although he probably won’t tell you that); and he is a former Vice President of Marketing for U.S. Cellular. He has what it takes to win the office….let me know what you think.

  2. Roger Ek says:

    Pete, You really need to come to an Appleseed weekend. There will be one on the weekend of April 21 & 22 in Augusta. This year there should be 9 or 10 weekends in Maine in Augusta, Monmouth, Freeman Township and North Berwick in. We are doubling every year. That means we need to double the number of instructors and ranges every year. Is there any other organization we can think of that is doubling every year?

  3. Xj Digger says:

    It is time for a Revolution
    We need a Revolution in the way “We the People” deal with our government
    We need a Revolution in the way that our government represents “We the People”
    Our Country has been hijacked, and those criminals print all the money to bribe, cheat and steal America. They own the majority of every media to propagandize hypnotize and and Brain wash America to do just what they want you to do. Vote for who they want you to vote for. Our Government works in Fraud as a corporation under the United Nations Jurisdiction, not under a constitutional law authorized by the people. Our courts operates in fraud as a corporation under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and the law is created by a foreign state that entraps people as a corporate strawman in fiction. Everything that the common citizen believes to be the facts or true is fraud and fiction about America. But many who know this think that the problem is to big to deal with and we’ll just do the politics and hope for a change while we allow the criminals to perpetrate their crimes upon us all.
    The cure is in shutting down the central bankers who print all the money from thin air and exchange it for our property and labor, sue our government servants for breach of fiduciary duties and demand that our government follows the law of the constitution to maintain our god given rights liberties and freedom.
    Freedom is not free we must demand it, work for it, protect it and even fight for it if we have to. It starts with gaining the knowledge about what it is that is happening to America and who is doing the crime. Then we raise the Grand Jury bring the charges and arrest them and charge them with the treasonous activity that they are engaged in. The Law of the land is plainly printed in a document called the Constitution of the individual states and the Constitution for the United States of America that is created and controlled by the individual united states that created the federal government. All of this is the responsibility of the people who elect the government servants to represent us. We must demand that they do the work for our interest and not pay the interest to the bankers to rule over us with the the crime, fraud and fiction.