Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. [Thomas Jefferson]

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I am committed to insuring the freedoms of our great nation. I want smaller government, stop wasteful spending, personal responsibility back, energy independence and to follow our Constitution
I am a big fan of personal responsibility, educating yourself, working hard and getting back up. I also believe that this Great Nation of ours DOES NOT owe me a living.I am also keen on people not playing the victim, not feeling a sense of entitlement, and not fearing competition. And when you are struggling in a tough economy, you don’t lay blame and give up or ask for (no let me rephrase that) expect a government bail out. YOU WORK HARDER!!!! As far as the energy problem goes DRILL BABY DRILL!!!!!!! Windmills and solar power are not going to put gas in our cars,trucks,planes, trains and boats. Yes we absolutely we need to seek alternate fuels and should go balls to the wall to develop them, but we must have oil now and in the future. The government needs to get out of the way and we need the environmental, wacko nut bags to shut up!!
It is my intention to have people think. I am hoping that we can engage in meaningful discussion and maybe learn from each other. We all have to open our minds and look for the TRUTH, stop this crap “I am right and any other way is wrong. Has anyone ever heard the saying Agree to Disagree???I personally believe that this Great Nation of OURS is in grave danger. If WE THE PEOPLE don’t wake up and demand from our politicians (Democrats and Republicans) to stop these games we are all going to lose our Country. Both parties are trying to divide us and it is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If anyone is interested in meaningful dialogue about the state of our nation, I will be happy to try and search for the truth with you. If you are interested in name-calling and insults, DON”T BOTHER and if you do not care about our children and Grandchildren’s Freedom and future then you can just continue living in your own world. (Maybe things will work out)

Live in the American spirit in which you want this country to remain. Honest, responsible, understanding, holding true to the Founding Fathers and the documents they created for US. Be pro-active, not re-active.
I seek the truth and real solutions. I hope to here from you.

My main concerns for the state of Maine are:
Lower Taxes, less government control, responsible spending, Major wellfare reform. I am sick of all the freeloaders, Maine has vast resources and with alittle imagination and hard work you can always find a way to make money
What ways can you help Maine Refounders / Tea Party
preserve the Constitution
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6 Responses to “PeteHarringAKAPetetheCarpenter”

  1. Keith S. Clark says:

    I have pretty much swapped over to Conservatives that profess a desire to actually help fix the problem and do what is right for the Country not for themselves. I’m never holding my nose and voting for a John McCain again. Today they are telling us the deal is done. My opinion is to just call their bluff and say NO. It’s time to just give the White House the Finger.

  2. Kathleen M Caso says:

    Hi..nice to meet you 🙂

  3. Scott Stewart says:

    Hi Pete,
    I’m trying to contact you to ask something. Could you contact me?

  4. Henry Massingale says:

    in 21 hours, and 23 minutes, I will bring forward one of the largest Internet interfacing in US history. a goal a legal and honest goal, you may join if you wish

  5. Richard L Ashcroft says:

    Anguish King is no political prize for Maine! He gave us the auto tailpipe emission test which almost ruined a few cars and lets see, didn’t he have his nose STUCK DEEPLY in some Gas Additive (I forgot it’s name) that got a few wells in Maine polluted BEFORE the public outcry became so loud that he had to it get banned from Maine! He was Once a Democrat and STILL IS in his Philosophy, He Is a Liberal and He has PROVEN THAT beyond any Doubt! We have plenty of Really Good Republicans in the race already and Right now I am not sure which one best suits me. I guess the only good thing I can see in Him Running is That IF he should end up being the chosen candidate of the independents, he will surely take away a WHOLE LOT OF LIBERAL DEMOCRAT VOTES from whoever their candidate may be!

  6. Rev. Robert M. Celeste says:

    Pete, I have no idea how to post on your site, can you put this up?
    Is Maine ready? Are you ready?

    After you view this youtube movie: Dishonorable Disclosures You are faced with the fact that if our dollar does not collapse, causing states to stand on their own, a military coup or some other thing probably will. Now the question is, are the states ready to stand on their own? Is Maine? Are you?

    Pay particular attention to the short statement starting at 5:50.

    When something happens, it is to late to prepare, preparation must be done first. If this October brings about problems, are you ready? If it brings about deaths, are you ready to meet Christ?